Our Admissions Process

Boise Girls Academy is an early intervention program. We help girls who are displaying risky behaviors to turn their lives around before they experience lasting consequences from their behavior. We enroll students year-round. Our full-time admissions staff is dedicated to making the enrollment process as smooth as possible for your family.

First Step: Inquire Now

When you contact us, our admissions staff will listen to your situation and ask a number of questions to determine whether our program may be a good fit for your child. We will explain our program and our unique approach and answer your questions and concerns. Fill out our inquiry form now or call us at (208) 546-0832.

Next Steps: Application and Enrollment

Once we determine that your child is a good match for Boise Girls Academy, we will send you our application and medical history forms. After your application is submitted and reviewed, we will send you an acceptance letter and schedule an enrollment date. The enrollment process typically takes about 2-4 weeks, but we can enroll a child quickly in a crisis or emergency situation.

We are passionate about helping girls experience the transforming power of a relationship with Jesus Christ. If for any reason our program is not a good fit for your girl, we will connect you with other excellent programs that may be able to help her.

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