Christian Boarding School for Girls Who are Struggling

A Commitment to Helping Girls Find Freedom through the Love of Jesus Christ

Boise Girls Academy is a Christian boarding school uniquely equipped to help struggling teen girls who are spiraling out of control. We are a 15-month residential Christian boarding school with a unique approach. Because we have a small student base, we have a more hands-on, relational approach. We also have behind us the strength of Teen Challenge, with more than 50 years of history helping people with risky behaviors find freedom through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

At Boise Girls Academy, we will not give up on your daughter. We will do everything to ensure she grows and flourishes here. We commit to show each girl the love of God through all the situations she is facing, and we will treat each girl as if she were our own daughter.

Counseling and Accountability Bring Positive Change

For teens who have followed the negative influence of their peers in the past, the positive peer culture in our Christian boarding school for girls provides a refreshing atmosphere for constructive change. Girls learn to take responsibility for their own actions and to provide accountability for others as well. Weekly individual sessions with licensed counselors help girls correct faulty thinking patterns and face their problems in a constructive manner. As students begin to show responsibility, maturity, and positive growth, they will be rewarded with special privileges and increased responsibility.


Community Involvement and Exciting Outdoor Recreation Develop Healthy Habits at Our Christian Boarding School for Girls

Christian boarding school activities

We enjoy the many recreational activities offered both in Boise and in our immediate surroundings.

Residents learn to serve others and participate in the community through activities such as neighborhood projects, participating in food distribution centers, visiting senior centers, and sharing about Boise Girls Academy in local churches and organizations.

Please contact us at (208) 546-0832 for further information.

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Christian boarding school for girls

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